There comes a point in your life where you question whether you're doing what you love... this is where I was when I created Tones + Textures Interior Styling. 


My love for property, interiors, styling, tones and textures is why I decided to turn my "side project" into a business.


My passion is something I want to share with others as I've had some amazing opportunities and clients over the last couple of years.  

I am passionate about inspiring others when it comes to creating their dream space and transforming these spaces into beautifully curated havens. 


I love tones, I love textures and I love to bring these together when it comes to creating a space for my clients - a space that they will feel like they never want to leave.


My passion and love for all things interiors and styling are the core foundations of my business.

Vanessa x

Stylist Bright Living Room

The Founder

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Vanessa Graoroski

Phone: 0419 224 453